Ferrari: Barcelona developments

Ferrari kicked off the test with the new faired wheel seen on the last day of Jerez testing.  This included a new rear wheel shape with a distinctive stepped shape.  While the front wheel retained the two concentric ‘fairings’.  These have been developed to stop overtly aerodynamically shaped wheels or fitting the static wheel fairings used last year.  This has effectively banned any form of ‘bodywork’ from sitting outside of the wheel.

Ferrari have taken the stepped shape for the BBS rear wheel in order to meet the minimum shape allowed for the wheel in the new rules.  Thus creating the smallest opening for aerodynamic benefit.  (articles 12.4.5$FILE/1-2010%20TECHNICAL%20REGULATIONS%2010-02-2010.pdf) .

While the new front wheel add-ons appear to be part of the wheel and not carbon fibre add ons.  This is to circumvent the rules banning bodywork from being outboard of the wheel ( -no part of the car, other than those specifically defined in Articles 12.8.1 and 12.8.2, may obscure any part of the wheel when viewed from the outside of the car towards the car centre line along the axis of the wheel)  and still meet the wording of homogenous material demanded for the wheel itself.  So these must be made of the same material as the wheel.

In other runs Ferrari also tried a shark fin similar to that used by Force India, i.e. A thin one with a relatively small side surface area and being linked to the rear wing flap.

Alonso tried a new Schuberth helmet, with a mainly black paint scheme and some new vents, that had opening sin the forehead area and swept around the visor.

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