Force india: Closer look at their splined wheel mounting

Splines on the silver axle engage with those on the wheel, to connect the pair together

Specially machined splines on the front wheel centre hole mate to the axle

A typical hub uses these pointed drive pegs to connect the wheel to the axle

10 thoughts on “Force india: Closer look at their splined wheel mounting

    • Renaults new front wing and endplate package follows what Brawn and subsequently most teams have adopted since then. with this part of the front wing being less effective as it sits in front of the tyre, it instead tries to send more flow low around the tyre, Hence the turning vane like appearance of the various elements of the endplate. although the rules call for a minimum surface area when viewed from the side, so the endplate still resembles a complete flat endplate when viewed from the sides. The new cascades mimic McLarens front wing, but have that surprisingly aggressive dip in the middle of the span.

  1. Hi Craig, what’s the benefit here? Is it very simply that multiple splines can be more readily located before the nut goes on?

    Also, could you have a look at the Red Bull side-shot exhaust from yesterday? They were running stickers on the upper body to confuse photographers but actually they had their exhaust as shown on the link;

    Cheers, and well done getting your blog going this last weekend!

      • True, but wouldn’t overheated tyres be a whole new kind of problem? Especially when they’re working hard with the additional weight anyway. Or are the tyre operating temperature and exhaust gases at about the same place anyway?

      • I dont think the Red Bull exhaust has anything to do with the rear tyre temperature. I suspect the idea is to send the exhaust gas flow over the top of the diffusers, working in conjunction with the gurney flap it should help pull airflow through the diffuser for more downfroce.

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