Renault: Gearbox

Renault R30 Gearbox

Renault have produced a state of the art gearbox, certainly compared to last years.  At the Launch James Allison told me the two boxes would look totally different if placed next to each other and they are.  They’ve retained the Ti case, but added no carbon to the outer surfaces. Its certainly slimmer too, judging by the bulges to clear the clutch and gears along the side. The damper\torsion bar arrangement is neat too, again using near vertical torsion bars but moved right to the front of the case.  Thus the dmapers are inclined backwards toward the rear fo the case and the antiroll bar is clearly visible at the very front of the case.  It appears as though the case is shorter and the differential lower too.

R29 Gearbox

R28 Gearbox

2 thoughts on “Renault: Gearbox

  1. I can see the relationship & orientation between the R30 and R29 gearboxes but can’t make head nor tail of the R28 ‘box. Is it back-to-front compared to the other two?

    Not even a nice ‘no oil’ label to help haha

    • Yes the R28 gearbox is the other way around, you can see the driveshaft coupling on the far right and the dampers laid out totally differently above the casing

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