McLaren: Legality and Bahrain spec

MP4-25 - Rear wing scrutineered and declared

Correction the diffuser has again appeared in its full guise in FP1, we all make mistakes…!

Incidentally McLaren arrived with major revisions around the rear of their car. firstly the diffuser shown in the pitlane for scrutineering was devoid of the upper deck bodywork that extended to the beam wing. this slotted panel effectively stretched the diffuser into a longer and higher device for more dowforce. While the diffuser below this panel is the same version as McLaren ran late in their testing programme. above the diffuser the crash structure and slotted beam wing remain the same, but the added duct to vent the oil cooler has gone.

6 thoughts on “McLaren: Legality and Bahrain spec

  1. How would this affect the wake created by the wing? If it is stalled would it in effect clean up the flow where the air from the top and bottom rejoins and create a bigger hole for the car following (and make passing easier)?

  2. Whilst teams would be able to copy the blown slot on the rear wing, will they be able to copy the rumoured snorkel system?

    The chassis and crash structures have already been homologated, so would teams be able to incorporate a driver-controlled system?

    Anyways, great article, as usual!

  3. There’s a few mentions on the F1Technical forum that the diffuser picture above seems to have been taken during assembly of the back end, because other photos from today show a diffuser extending up to the beam wing as we saw in testing?

  4. Great post – this is fast becoming one of my favorite F1 Blogs.

    Really good stuff Craig.


  5. is it possible, that McLaren will run this diffusor without the upper deck for the next GP after the FIA “explaining the interpretation of the rules” as mentioned on several servers?

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