Bahrain: diffuser clarification

Although some aero devices were deemed legal in Bahrain, the FIA scrutineers did take a different view of some teams starter holes.  This hole is allowed with in the rule to be in the diffuser in order to alow the starter mechanism to be inserted.  Normally this is a simple round hole, but some teams have expanded the hole into a much wider ellipse shape.  This effectively makes the starter hole an extra slot to alow the diffuser to be steeper and create more downforce.  The Scrutineers have asked for these designs to be changed before the Australian GP.

7 thoughts on “Bahrain: diffuser clarification

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  2. holy cow! again they argue about a hole being a hole or a slot, we don’t need this crap. Let’s have knowlegeable scrutineers trackside and let them ban cars from racing on the spot. For me me FIA asking teams to change something before the next race is having a laugh!

  3. The scrutineers have acted appropriately, the question asked, has an advantage been gained by the modification? The answer dictates the action required, if no apparent advantage and a purely cosmetic modification, then it would be extreme to ban the car or demand immediate rectification. The same scrutineers follow the FIA formulas,the F1 guys will remain with the vehicle for the length of the championship. The familiarity withe both the regulations and the individual cars will allow almost immediate recognition of unauthorised mods and deviation from the standard car.

  4. @ElChiva

    You always get these little things are the start of the season. To start excluding 3 teams for something like this would be extremely counterproductive and very silly.

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