Malaysia: Technical review now on Racecar Engineering

My Malaysian GP technical review is now on,  Detailing what few technical updates were seen on the cars at Sepang.  As well exclusive image of Williams Driver Drinks System, with insight to driver hydration from Williams and McLaren.


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2 thoughts on “Malaysia: Technical review now on Racecar Engineering

  1. Thank you for this great technical review,

    On the forum of [url=][/url] there are other hi-res and crystal clear pictures of the R30’s diffuser in Sepang. People their think that the “upper deck” is not connected to the diffuser but was rather used as a way to cool down the engine for this specific gp.

    What do you think?

    • When I first saw the car in Valencia, the cokebottle vented through the same open hole as the diffuser. Then the barhain update made me think there was a double exit for the upper diffuser, these pictures now confirm it. I have seen the other pics you published, as well as some from another ‘source’ (which sadly I can’t republish). The inlet beneath the car and the aerofoil blades running in the middle of this openign are visible through both the upper and lower diffuser exits. There is now no doubt both openings are for the diffuser. For cooling, the cokebottle shape does bulge around to form some smaller cooling outlets to the side of the diffuser and for Malaysia they cut open the fairing over the geabrox to let more hot air out.

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