China: Force India drop their outboard mirrors

With the forthcoming ban on outboard mirrors at the next race, Force India jumped early and switched their mirrors to the more conventional location.  They are not fitted to the saw-tooth flow straighteners already fitted either side of the cockpit.  While the pod wing has been trimmed back to meet the bodywork height rules.


6 thoughts on “China: Force India drop their outboard mirrors

  1. I’ve got a question for you ScarbsF1.
    I’ve noticed some heavy wing movement in todays qualifying from the RedBull cars. If you watch their front wings on the onboard camera you’ll see the front wing lifting under braking and going back down during acceleration. Especially after the long strait in Shanghai the movement is quite big.
    On all of the other cars there is almost no movement or very little.
    So my question is, is it allowed to have a flexible wing as long as you don’t have flexible parts? And how come the difference between RedBull and the rest is so big?

    • I have already raised this with the FIA today..!

      The Red Bull has always had a front wing that easily droops, even in medium to low speed turns.

      May be this dropping of the endplates is what is creating the sparks in Q, not the adjustable ride height?

      If anyone can get screen grabs of the RB6 forward facing camera on the straight, one from; the start of the straight, one midway and one under braking, we can get a better idea of what is going on.

      Although the rules demand bodywork doesn’t flex, the actual test is a weight applied to the endplate during scrutineering. If it passes this test then its legal. The precedent is that if the FIA spot excessive movement, then the team are asked to revise their parts for the next race. Although Force India were once excluded from the race results as their beam wing was deemed too flexible.

      • And what did the FIA reply?

        Something else that is remarkable is that the flexing is very steady. It’s not all over the place but the wing lowers very constantly.

      • No word back from the FIA…
        The flex can be engineered quite precisely from the lay up of the carbon, with the CFD data being fed into the FEA software to give the loads accross the wing.

  2. “If you watch their front wings on the onboard camera you’ll see the front wing lifting under braking and going back down during acceleration”

    yes, but where is the gain?

    • I don’t know. All I know is that when some teams introduced those flexible wings a couple of years back, the slightest change in flexibility had great effects on downforce and the airflow. It’s not like the RedBull is flexing a bit, it is actually really heavy. Here a good link (keep looking at the right front wing, you see it almost disappear and when he starts braking it pops back up):

      It is very noticeable after the long strait at 1:25 – 1:32.

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