McLaren Telemetry: Friday fuel weight

It’s rare to see the paperwork that the engineers or drivers look at in their pit garage.  We can see Hamilton in Friday practice reading two traces from similar laps with different tyres (Used prime and new prime).  What is interesting is that the print out states the fuel weight is 140kg for both laps. This must be near the race-fuel weight and the car is reset with the same weight of fuel for each practice lap to allow for direct comparisons.


8 thoughts on “McLaren Telemetry: Friday fuel weight

    • It was no coup, I never took the picture and I didn’t publish it. We can thanks Suttons and GPUpdate. I simply kept a look out and spotted it.

      Every year a set up sheet slips into through the image libraries and is published, I’ve seen a few set up sheets over the years giving away interesting info…

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