Ferrari oil tank position

For 2010 Ferrari do indeed have their oil tank in a conventional position at the front of the engine.  Pre-season it was widely predicted and reported that the oil tank was moved to inside the gearbox casing, to free up fuel tank capacity.  I spoke to Willi Rampf at the Sauber C29 launch and he confirmed that the Sauber uses the entire Ferrari engine and gearbox set up, complete with oil tank at the front of the engine.  Thus it made sense Ferrari also had this set up.  Last year due to KERS Ferrari split their oil tank with a secondary oil tank mounted to the rear of the engine above the clutch, this was enclosed by the gearbox when installed the complete car. This freed up space for the MGU and batteries.


2 thoughts on “Ferrari oil tank position

  1. Just looking a little more closely at this photo – i can only see 6 major attachment points on the front of that engine? Is that all that holds it to the chassis? Also, i’d be interested in seeing suspension pickup points etc. if you can get some other angles on these engines.

    And finally – i just realized why the shape of the oil tank is as such, and it makes a lot of sense. Surge tank/de-aerating chamber for the oil.

    • Yes F1 engines use very simple engine mountings, Ferrari use six points as you can see, other teams use just four, with only a single fastener on each cylinder head. I questioned a few engine and chassis designers about this, it seems the engine simply uses the bolts to pull the front of the engine castings against the hard points on the back of the chassis. There’s no dowels or male\female mating points, yet still this is stiff enough! I’d have though the torsional chassis loads passing through the engine would require such mounting designs, to stop the engine fretting against the chassis, it seems not. Although Renault did used to use a lower mounting via a horizontal plate extending forwards under the back of the chassis, this would provide some additional torsional stiffness, but then Renault still use the braces above the engine for beam stiffness.

      BTW the gearbox also mounts to the engine with just six longitudinal fasteners!

      Rear suspension mountings tend to be entirely through the gearbox since the gear cases grew longer over the past few years.

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