Hungary Tech Review is now on

My Technical review from the Hungaroring is now on

With the updates on:

Flexing wings

Renaults: extreme rear wing

Williams: aero test & cooling outlet

Mercedes: diffuser regeression

Force India: blown diffuser

Torro Rosso: New Diffuser & Nose vanes

Lotus: all-carbon suspension delay


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One thought on “Hungary Tech Review is now on

  1. “Now the FIA have confirmed that the front wing deflection test, which was originally a 50Kg load applied to the front wing endplate must produce no more than 10mm movement. Will now be upped to 100kg and 10mm, however critically the FIA will conduct both tests and the wing must create a uniform increase in deflection for the same increase in load.”

    I presume you mean 100kg and 20mm.

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