Racecar Engineering: Latest issue with Lotus F1 focus

On sale: Monday, 9 August 2010

Lotus is back and it means it. With active Indycar, F1, and GT racing programmes the famous green and yellow of the ‘English Ferrari’ is back. With comes the spirit of it’s founder Colin Chapman and as a result innovation and lightweight is the theme of this months issue.

  • Lotus T127
  • Lotus T124
  • Lotus-Dallara Indycar
  • Cosworth CA2010
  • Lotus rules of design
  • Colin Chapman and his Lightweight philospohy
  • Lotus innovations
  • Formula SAE 2010
  • Simulators
  • Geoff Willis

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3 thoughts on “Racecar Engineering: Latest issue with Lotus F1 focus

    • lol, I wish I were sponsored for any of those mags I sell.

      I’m just back off holiday and haven’t had time to write some new material, I’ve got some coming once I’ve written my Spa reviews (so more sponsored links!).

      I thought those links might be useful for those starved of tech news.

      • Definitely cool links, just a shame to see them seemingly replacing the quality blogs. Didn’t mean to criticize – I GUESS you deserve a vacay 😉

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