Happy New Year – RedBull RB6 Illustration (Wallpaper)

I’ve been drawing this big detail – big scale illustration of the RB6 as a prelude to a prediction of the 2011 car designs.  So I’d thought I’d post the 2010 RB6 version up as a wallpaper in mono at 1280 resolution.  I’ll do larger sizes on request with or without logos (mail me).

Have a great New Year and thanks for supporting me in my first year Blogging and Tweeting.  Next year will be my tenth covering the technicalities of the sport, so I’ve got some new ideas up my sleeve.


and without Logos…..

33 thoughts on “Happy New Year – RedBull RB6 Illustration (Wallpaper)

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  2. Wonderful Site!

    I have really enjoyed reading all your blog posts this year. Being a fairly new F1 fan, you technical explanations have been very helpful in my understanding of what makes F1 cars so special. Thanks for all your work. Look forward to your 2011 posts.

    Also, would you please send me the larger wallpaper images as well. I would really appreciate it!

    Happy New Year!


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  4. Excellent drawing Craig!
    This is the clearest representation I have ever seen of the RB front wing, makes everything clearer.
    Looking forward to the possibility of a comparison to the 2011 RB . . .

  5. Wow, that’s ace.
    For a background though, the white is a bit harsh for me, so I inverted it and ran a ‘neon’ filter (I use GIMP) over it to make it look a bit like chalk on a blackboard.

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  7. Happy New Year, and thanks for all the great and insightful articles over the year!

    I was just wondering, have you drawn any other F1 2010 cars without logos? I am curious to know if people can distinguish between them, as it has been often said that without the logos people would have trouble telling the cars apart…

    • I’ll have a dig around, may be would could run a quiz?

      Quite a few years back, several journalists were at a launch with some line drawings of each of the previous seasons cars. They asked the other media to guess which car was which, of course none of them could do it, and this lead to the “no one can tell F1 cars apart” cliche batted around by journalists. Needless to say I could name each car immediately, but this fact never made it to their articles…!

  8. First of all happy new year Scarbs !!! I love your work and the technical background info – as usual a very clear illustration and looking forward at your creations in 2011 ! A Belgium fan 🙂

  9. Excellent drawings, keep up the good work. Is it possible to have the drawings up-scaled to 1920×1280 and possibly inverted to white drawings /black canvas?


  10. Wow. I’ve only been coming here a short while, and this is my first comment, but I just wanted to say how unique your site is. Incredible analysis and now wallpaper requests! This place is awesome.
    And, if your asking… 1920×1080, pweese! 😀
    Take care, Scarbs.

  11. That’s fantastic, Craig. Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to the quiz — looking forward to your predictions, too. Particularly whether or not the shark-fins will stay now that there’s no F-duct and they can’t be connected to the rear wing… McLaren, Williams and Mercedes seem to default away from them (McLaren even ran a non-finned engine cover on Lewis’s car in Monza) whereas Adrian Newey, Ferrari, Force India and Renault seem to gravitate towards them…

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