Ferrari rear end – Exhaust and DRS Mechanism

A ScarbsF1 follower in the Melbourne pit lane sent me these exclusive pics. We can see the Ferrari stripped in the garage. There’s a huge amount of detail to take, but the key things are the exhaust routing for the EBD, the rear suspension and Rear Wing mechanism.

The exhaust loops forwards before turning back on itself to route towards the diffuser. This set up is used as it keep the exhaust well forwards within the sidepod, which helps to keep the sidepods tight and slim. We cant see the final section of floor, this might need to be removed in order to take the floor off.

Ferrari retained the pushrod rear suspension set up for the F150. To keep it competitive in aero packaging in comparison to the recently favoured pullrod, they have pushed the entire rocker and damper assembly to the front of the gearbox. In doing so they have placed the rockers nearly flat with their pivots pointing down. This keeps the assembly in the aerodynamic shadow of the engine and airbox, so effectively they don’t add any volume to the rear ends aerodynamics.

Lastly the “Drag Reduction System” mechanism can be seen sticking out of the gearbox. This is a hydraulic system and needs to be powerful in order to move the rear wing flap at quickly at speed. As both the flap will be heavily loaded by airflow and designers want the switch from closed to open to be in a matter of milliseconds.

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9 thoughts on “Ferrari rear end – Exhaust and DRS Mechanism

  1. good timing on the photo there… i can’t wait until the new track is done in Texas, and i can attend my first F1 race… unless Texas decides to secede from the Union, resulting in mass demonstrations, where everyone would whip out their pistoles (including grandmas and babies) to “take on the northerners,” requiring government intervention, and Bernie canceling the race… unless Texas comes up with $20 million… wink wink

  2. I love that the black air intake, which I believe would normally be covered with bodywork, has shell branding on it. Thanks for the write-up (and to whoever sent the picks – bring the racing! =))

  3. Scarbs, Is Ferrari still tilting up the engine/gearbox?
    It doesn’t look parallel to the ground in those pictures.

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