The Flying Lap


If you havent already started to watch this show, I suggest you really should., is a webcast and audio download going out every Wednesday at 6pm UK time. Peter Windsor runs this show from a studio in London. He’s had guests as varied as Frank Williams to John Surtees, Willem Toet and Sergio Rinland on the technical side. The show is an hour of live F1 chat with journalist and people within F1, often with aftershow chat continuing for upto an hour after the live show. the show is then available from, youtube and available as a free I-tunes download.

I dont know any other source for such a long and in depth insight into F1, that goes out every week. I’ve made three appearances talking about the new rules, testing and post race analysis. I’ve linked to the latest one below.

18 thoughts on “The Flying Lap

  1. Hi,
    Great site has increased my enjoyment tremendously of F1. Keep up the good work.
    I was interested to hear on the last Flying Lap Peter Windsor show, post Melbourne, that you think (know?) that some teams have modified the engine timing (no fuel burnt in the combustion chambers) so that they can still blow a large volume of exhaust gas over the “diffuser” whilst braking and starting the turn in to the corners. I understand that they need to do this to maintain the downforce necessary to corner. So…does the gas burn in the exhaust to create the large volume? Do they have to do anything to make that happen, or will the hot exhaust plumbing ignite it for you?
    On a different theme, burning extra fuel in the exhaust may reduce the green credentials of motor racing…maybe lead to a rule change to ban this in the future from the FIA?

  2. Scarbs can any team run a previous year nose cone at race even if its current nose cone has passed all crash test?

  3. I’ve been downloading the audio version to listen to in the car. I agree, great stuff. Peter Windsor is fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable. You’ve done well too, Scarbs!

  4. Saw it twice -would have liked more on RB’s drooping front wing and latest ideas on how they manage to do it !!

    Also is there a link to the aftershow chat?

    • Glad you liked it, the aftershow chat goes on for up to an hour, in fact over an hour this week. We covered a lot more of the flexi wing saga in this chat. Saldy the aftershow chat isnt recorded for replays, you have to catch it live. A bit of a special offer for live viewers.

  5. Brilliant show and a great website you’ve got!

    About the teams feeding the diffusors, which according to my own mid-corner sound analysis, they also do during the race. I’m fascinated by this since it obviously has negative effect on fuel consumption. Do they have a low “afterburner” effect in the race for less consumption and a high-power one for qualifying? Or does this change as they as they change their fuel-mix settings during the race?


    • Teams were even running retarded ignition last year during the races. As they learnt how to manage the thermal impact of the hotter exhaust system. Although these systems have matured over the winter as the engine manufacturers develop what they can to get around the problems. I imagine the normal race setting is different from the Q setting. Presumably the hotter Q setting could be used for a limited period in the race for extra pace.

      What makes this system recognisable from an accoustic point of view, what else have yo learnet about the engiens from your analysis.

      • It was more an ‘analysis’, from hearing the particular noises the cars (especially McLaren) makes during cornering, which is quite different from the high-pitch noise they make during full throttle.

  6. Great! I was under the impression that if you did not watch it live you had to pay and download it from itunes. Will definitely catch up on past episodes now. Thanks for the info scarbs

  7. It’s a great show Scarbs, just nothing like it elsewhere. The insight is excellent, mainly due to your drawings and other guests. One thing I do find is that although you are talking about the same drawings and pictures, it’s far easier to pick things up with this format.

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