Red Bull: Front brake ducts and wheel design

Since the start of the season red Bull have been running these complex brakes ducts on the RB7. The design varies between the front and rear, where as the front bake ducts used to be the more complex, the Turkish update to the rear ducts probably balanced their complexity.

At the front, the heated flow exiting the brake disc passes through the drum shaped duct via 9 angled vanes. These help direct the flow out of the wheel. Additionally there is a secondary outlet made into the leading face of the drum.

Feeding the disc is a solution also employed by Renault, where the main inlet scoop is allied to another inlet on the inside of the protruding vane.  This creates a large amount of inlet area, but only requires a small scoop sitting out on the airflow inbetween the wheel and chassis, which should create less drag.

Red Bull started a trend in 2009 with wheel with a much shallower offset between the spokes and the outer rim of the wheel. This was partly to bring the spokes closer to the airflow to provide some aerodynamic benefit. Also the change created more space inside the wheel for the upright and potentially longer wishbones.

The current wheel design features 11 solid spokes, which have a slight “H” section to them. As the side faces of each spoke are machined with a small pocket to reduce weight. Its visible that the outer face of each spoke has sharp right-angled edge. However less visible in the inside face of each wheel spoke, features a generous fillet radius to help the streamline the spoke to improve airflow out of the wheel.

New "Vaned" wheel for Spain via @slitz (!/slitz)

It is expected that Red Bull will feature more complex wheel design this weekend. This could either be a revised spoke design to work in conjunction with the brake duct vanes, or an even shallower offset to move the spokes closer the wheel rim or a switch to wheel with radial vane, as used by Ferrari and McLaren.

As soon as the wheels are uncovered, this post will be updated.

8 thoughts on “Red Bull: Front brake ducts and wheel design

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    • They are but teams are allowed to use older designs also. So if RB has used last year wheels so far they are allowed to classify one new for this year also… Or some thing like that… 🙂

  2. They ran a different design at FP1, wasn’t the radial vane version but it wasn’t the old “shallow” design either.

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