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Please read this

All articles in this Blog are the Copyright of Craig Scarborough. Therefore all illustrations and writing, unless otherwise credited are my own work and not for reproduction.

This blog seeks to educate fans interested in the technology of F1 and to showcase my work. As I have eventual aim to make a full time living from covering this sport.

Although I do this blog and tweets as a free service, this blog isn’t a free resource for commercial publications. You must not cut&paste text or to grab my illustrations to reproduce them in your Magazine or Website without permission, credit or payment. It certainly isn’t to be reproduced without first contacting myself.

Two recent examples

Seven of my drawings printed a Belgian\French F1 magazine.

The text of an article Cut&Pasted into a F1 E-magazine

In both cases, these are commercial publications, which did not contact me at any point, did not credit my name or blog as the source and have not paid me for the use of my material. I am in contact with both these publications to rectify the situation.

I will blog the full details of anyone infringing my copyright. You have been warned.

Any followers of ScarbsF1, who see my work unannounced in print or web, please advise me.



30 thoughts on “ScarbsF1 – Copyright

  1. I saw that as well in the “F1 e-magazine” you talked about. You’ll be talking to one of the major contributors on Wednesday though, so… yeah. coming soon then?

  2. I think it is time to thank all your writings and hardwork, is an invaluable source of knowledge & fun for all the fans of F1, keep on it!!!, and of course get the outcome you deserve, whatever you think it is!!!

  3. Name and shame them… nobody should be unknowingly supporting publications that steal others’ content. If they’ve stolen from you, chances are they’ve stolen from other writers as well.

  4. Well said Scarbs! I’ve been seing your work before on some other F1 sites too.. Shame them all.
    Keep on the great work though 😉

  5. It is a shame that people would do that. As a fan of F1 and of your blog I love the insight you bring and the glimpse of just how amazing and complex these machines are and am grateful that you post what you do.

    The thieves should be ashamed of their actions.

  6. Name and Shame, I say. Hope this doesn’t discourage you from writing your great articles, we appreciate your insight and excellent illustrations.

  7. There are vultures everywhere, keep up the good work. This Blog is excellent, I’m reading it from Czech Republic. Shame on these magazines, how dare they to steal your work? Hope you will make some of it and I am looking forward to apologies from these magazines!

  8. In all fairness to who ever they are, there are a few points which need to be raised. a) There is no CLEAR copyright notice anywhere (Other than this post), b) No images are watermarked or have a copyright notice on – A simple image search of “RBR Front Wing” brings up a few of your images – Although they all come from this site, you could have gotten them from anywhere.

    Even then, its no guarantee your work wont appear elsewhere, but solid Copyright notices/Terms & Conditions are a big help when it comes to the legal side of things.

    • Irrelevant.

      UK copyright law : “Copyright is an automatic right and arises whenever an individual or company creates a work. To qualify, a work should be regarded as original, and exhibit a degree of labour, skill or judgement.”

      There is no requirement or necessity to restate this to receive copyright protection. Copyright protection will apply whether there is a clear copyright notice or not.

      There is nothing to argue on “the legal side of things”, especially when the perpetrator is a professional journalist. The transgression is clear and inarguable, the only discussion that would remain is the scale of the remedy.

      • hmm, not sure UK law would apply to someone copying your work in Botswana.

        i remember all those years ago when i started in industrial design, always c mark, sign and date every sketch, fag packet etc

        its a bloody good habit to get into.

        i even do it to the shopping list

      • oh, forgot to mention, i love your work!!!
        i only like F! for the development stuff and check the site for new stuff every day!!!

    • Any signature country to the Berne Convention on Copyright is required to acknowledge and protect copyright, with copyright coming into effect automatically on creation of the work – and most countries in the world are signatures to that convention.

      So Scarbs doesn’t have to post copyright notices anywhere, its an explicit right granted on all works from creation.

  9. Scarbs, good luck in nailing what is basically the theft of your work. If you can’t get paid and/or acknowleged I reckon the ‘name and shame’ path is the way to go.

    John, I don’t think that there is any need for such a notice – the work belongs to Scarbs, or to someone else, and to use it or pass it off as your own is a clear breach of copyright. The only difference the notice makes is that the thief knows who they are stealing from. EdC

    • I must take issue with one thing: this is a COPYright issue, not a THEFT issue. Scarbs still holds the documents and images. The journalists have COPIED them, not removed the only instance of them.

      I’m not, in any way, trying to diminish Scarbs right to be credited for the work, or to be paid for it, merely the fact that the stuff was stolen when it clearly was not.

  10. Scarbs has been nothing but open when using pictures provided by either Twitter/email and ones used from Sutton images. I guess the thief didn’t realize just how popular you are Craig…

    Sorry to see you weighed down with this mess. We are all so grateful for your sharing of knowledge both here and on TFL.

  11. So, how does this issue affect F1 forums? I’ve posted some of your articles in forum threads and topics, always with credit and always with a link back to the source article here, and is this practice legal? I certainly don’t want to infringe upon anyone’s ownership rights. I’m certain that this sort of thing is a bit of free advertising/networking and probably has directed forum readers back here, but that is a small thing if the law says it’s infringement.

    • My argument is aimed at two types of people
      1) Professional journalists using my work in their publications with out any permission,credit or payment
      2) Web sources passing off my work as their own

      Usign my stuff is forums is OK, please dont worry…

  12. Shame, but not uncommon. I’ve been robbed like this many times…. they stole my photos, my ideas, etc.

    Those who steals copyrighted work are always just untalented and uncultivated people, and I’m always glad that I have something what they want to steal and they are able to make some money out of them.
    So be proud of you, you are creating stuff what these people are not capable creating themselves 🙂 And this will make you just more popular!

  13. everyone should be paid for thier efforts – I follow you blog , find it excellant and informative – its a pity that penny pinchers rip you off and don’t acknowledge your expertise and effort

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