I am pleased to introduce RaceStaff.com as ScarbsF1’s new Partner.   

Race Staff.com is a online web based Recruitment site conceived by John Travis, after many years as head of design in leading race car manufacturers he felt the time was right to offer a comprehensive job and recruitment option to the market.

Not only will RaceStaff appear as a banner, but we will highlight to the top jobs each week and produce features to explain how Engineers and Students can get into the Motorsport industry.

I’m taking this opportunity to reformat the blog and in the next week you will see the revised layout.


5 thoughts on “RaceStaff.com

    • Well said, clearly people that visit your blog like cars, racing and technology, so it sounds like a very good match. Those features sound like something I many people ask for, fits with racestaff.com, and it can give a nice insight into the racing world too; well done, and success Scarbs, I’m looking forward to them!

  1. The site states “Free until October 31st”.

    Will job-seekers need to pay for this service? Or are potential employers the only ones that pay a fee?

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