Video: A1GP Rear Impact Structure Test

This video was kindly supplied by John Travis Technical Director of Trackcreate Ltd , the designer of the A1GP car along with his team A1GP Technology Ltd and is also one of the partners in RaceStaff.

The A1GP Ferrari car was built to satisfy the FIA 2004 F1 crash test regualtions. Thus the tests were carried out the Transport Research Laboratories (TRL). By mounting the gearbox and rear impact structure to the ground, then a sled weighing 780kg and is driven into impact structure at 12m\s (26.8mph or 43.2kmh). To pass this test the average deceleration must be less than 35g and no maximum deceleration may be over 60g for more than 3ms.

As part of the RaceStaff sponsorship of ScarbsF1, We will have more videos of the A1GP car testing next month.

Test Detail

16.4 Rear test :
All parts which will be fitted behind the rear face of the engine and which could materially affect the outcome of the test must be fitted to the test structure. If suspension members are to be mounted on the structure they must be fitted for the test. The structure and the gearbox must be solidly fixed to the ground and a solid object, having a mass of 780kg and travelling at a velocity of 12m/s, will be projected into it.
The object used for this test must be flat, measure 450mm wide by 550mm high and may have a 10mm radius on all edges. Its lower edge must be at the same level as the car reference plane and must be so arranged to strike the structure vertically and at 90° to the car centre line.
During the test, the striking object may not pivot in any axis and the crash structure may be supported in any way provided this does not increase the impact resistance of the parts being tested.
The resistance of the test structure must be such that during the impact :
– the average deceleration of the object does not exceed 35g ;
– the maximum deceleration does not exceed 60g for more than a cumulative 3ms, this being
measured only in the direction of impact
Furthermore, all structural damage must be contained within the area behind the rear wheel centre line.
This test must be carried out on the rear impact absorbing structure which was subjected to the test
described in Article 18.7.

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