Blog Update: More posts coming soon

I just wanted to post a quick update about the blog. You will have noticed I’ve not posted any new articles since the McLaren launch, meanwhile my work is appearing in other places.

I’ve been lucky to have my work published in several places this year, being the most notable one, but also several magazines including Motorsport, Racecar Engineering and Autosport (Japan).

As my Autosport articles appear in the Autosport ‘Plus’ section, which is the subscribers section, many of you have voiced concern my work will again disappear behind a paywall. I hope my work does appear more regularly in, but this will not be the alternative to my blog.

I have not forgotten the blog. My published work along with the video clips recorded for ‘The Flying Lap’, numerous tweets and the day job, mean I am simply struggling to find time to complete the words and in particular the illustrations for the blog. I have all the cars analysis coming over the next few days, plus some specific features on the trends we’ve seen so far on the new cars.

Thanks for your patience, normal service will resumed shortly.


82 thoughts on “Blog Update: More posts coming soon

  1. No problem Scarbs, happy to wait for the great quality analysis you always produce, it is also good to see all those famous mags interested in your work as much as we are.

  2. Hello Scarbs,

    Don’t you think about getting “help” and “support” in order to post more?

    I am probably one among many that check this blog on a everyday basis, hoping for some interesting news 😉

    • This an excellent idea. As an American without this level of granular explanation of the technology, I absolutely love it. In fact, I would hope to propose something along your suggestion soon.

      Thank you.

  3. Well its just good to hear that your keeping busy and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Looking forward to your insight on the other cars!

  4. Your content is worth some form of remuneration, you can be kind enough to donate your time you can’t be criticised for making a return on it. Plus the blog is comprehensive enough to keep keenies interested.

    Keep up the good work, charitable or profitable!

  5. I love reading your blog, and I totally understand that work you’re getting paid for comes first, and that’s how it should be. I happen to be an subscriber, so I’ve read your articles there, which are excellent as usual.

  6. Thanks for the feedback Scarbs!

    You deserve being paid for all your effort and time spend on your analysis.

    I for one cannot access the paid section of Autosport (from South Africa) and have been following your blog for some time now… its helped me win some arguments also over the years hahaha

    Enjoy the rewards and recognition you truly deserve just don’t forget us your loyal followers.

  7. Don’t think anyone begrudges you getting paid for this line of work, though I’ve always been adverse to I would consider paying for the plus section because your articles are so informative beyond the usual talking head drivel.

  8. Like the other commenters above, I’m pleased that you’re getting paid for your excellent analysis, and wanted to add my thanks for the free stuff, too.

  9. I think it was great to have you on the Flying lap at a critical moment in the season. Its was awfully strange to fathom why you were not published more by magazines, so I think its nice to see it has picked up a bit and you get paid work more often.

    Patiently looking forward to updates on the blog, cheers!

    • Very well said! Craig, I too have been checking your blog often when I missed a tweet, but It’s great that your excellent work is being published in various places.

      And anyway, your analysis of the cars will be interesting to read, and perhaps even better, after having seen what the tests bring us, and what teams try and test (or fail to get working)!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve neen checking daily for more insights, as you’re analysis and insight is well above par. Thanks for your efforts! Much appreciated!!!

  11. You deserve to be paid for your excellent analysis however it will be a cold, dark day in hell when I decide to subscribe to Autosport’s premium service.

  12. Craig, I don’t know how you do all that you do. We, (your fans and followers) appreciate your efforts. I personally have really enjoyed catching you on The Flying Lap with Peter Windsor. I wish you much success with your published works on Autosport and other sites.

  13. Thanks for the hard work Scarbs. I am always looking forward to your updates. Patience is difficult for such interesting blogging.

  14. Was disappointed that nothing was posted after I watched you on the flying lap and Peter pointed us to your blog. Looked every day for your analysis of the new cars. Felt a little let down.

  15. Good luck on the payrole 🙂

    I think that like many people that watched the McLaren launch I instantly said to myself “there’s Scarb’s” when they showed the audiance.

  16. I also want to congratulate you on finally getting noticed again for your high quality of work.

    While I may be sad that I can no longer get your professional quality analysis for free as often, I’m happy that you are being recognized for your contribution to technical journalism.

  17. I’m an F1 fan and a Scarbs fan too. Waiting through the winter for the fun to start with the former makes me appreciate the racing more. Waiting for a post from Scarbs makes me appreciate his insight and his knowledge. I don’t like waiting for either but it’s always worth it!

  18. Anything at all that you have the time to post is greatly appreciated by a huge number of people. Also fantastic to hear that you’re hard work and skill is being recognised and earning some revenue, hopefully enough to give up the day job soon!

    All the best

  19. You are doing us a big favour so we Damn well better appreciate that. Your day job has to come first. A big thanks for the quality you publish.

  20. No worries mate! It is well worth the wait. Patience is the word for this part of the year anyhow, without it one might go crazy!

  21. I’ve been checking back multiple times a day to make sure I don’t miss anything! I don’t think anyone can have any reason to be upset with the quality of posts you always provide us with!

    Looking forward to seeing and reading all the new bits and pieces.



  22. Onya Scarbs – been checking daily and kind of figured as much, seeing you pop up elsewhere.
    Looking forward to Blog updates when time allows you, cheers.

  23. Like everyone else, I have been checking for updates daily. Getting restless for analysis on these new cars which look very interesting this year.

    Love your work and can’t wait to read your next article.


  24. All we have to do, guys, is to use the little donate button and send say £25 every now and again and you know very well it will be the best value for money you will ever get in the f1 scene. Maybe Craig will give up his other work because we pay his what he really deserves. d

  25. Scarbs, it seems that your blog is the only place on the net for a genuinely fresh and informative lowdown on whats happening technically in F1. I check your blog daily for any updates and whilst it’s frustrating when you don’t post as regularly, I can fully appreciate the fact that you’ve got to earn a living like the rest of us! In fact, I’m glad to here that the F1 paperazzi have finally cottoned on to your obvious talents as you deserve the recognition. Your work is much appreciated and here’s looking forward to your next installment.

  26. Gracias for the hard work Craig !!!

    A talented guy like you should not have a “day job” to pay the bills. It makes me mad. F1 is your passion and you have so much to contribute.

    We need you in the F1 world full time.

    Thank God for Peter Windsurf blowing some of his wind your way, hopefully with some monetary compensation for appearing on the Flapping Flap.

    Too bad the economy is doing so bad in Europe. Maybe I can email my PDVSA countrymen and suggest a big PayPal contribution (-;

  27. Cheers Scarbs! Thanks for the great work, and congrats on getting the monetary recognition you deserve from the leading publications. Just wanted to let you know of your international appeal here in the ‘final frontier’ for F1, the US of A. Really dig the quality of your analysis, and watch at least 2 reruns of your Flying Lap appearances to make sure I don’t miss anything…..

  28. Glad you’re getting some paid work from doing what you love! Your analysis is second to none! Look forward to more updates in the future.

  29. I had wrongly assumed that the pause in blog updates was a time embargo on material published elsewhere. Wherever it can be found, your writing is perceptive and informative. Keep it coming.

  30. Ever thought about translating your blog in Spanish. I am sure there are a lot of Spanish speakers interested in what you say. They are missing out as there is nothing there media wise. Jus a thought. Your articles are first rate. Good to see people are noticing.

  31. Sorry Scarbs, not good enough. You’re not allowed holidays, an evening with the missus, or to go out and do paid work. Your sole reason for being is to serve us, the faceless users of the internets. We demand constant attention, more cool drawings, and possibly an interview with a lead engineer daily, or we will accuse you of selling your soul to the devil. Now please stop reading the comments section, and prepare us an insightful yet easy to understand explination about the fluid dynamics of airflow over a 2012 nosecone or something – it’s 5 minutes overdue.

    PS =)

  32. Onward and upward. You deserve it. Your MP4-27 analysis on The Flying Lap was terrific. I hope the blog continues, but your stuff is definitely worth paying for.

  33. Thanks for the update. I’ve been an subscriber for some years, and I first read your articles there some years ago. I was sad to see your articles suddenly missing there some time ago, and afterwards I discovered your blog and other appearances like on TFL. I’ve recently been thinking about cancelling my, because of dozens of bloodless articles like “Why winning feels better than losing” or such like. Now that your work is included again I won’t cancel it, because I’m happy some of my money is ending up with you.

  34. Scarbs nice to see you get paid for your excellent articles. Hope you don’t forget us, post some nice articles. When is your article on the f-duct coming. I’ve read on your twitter you bought one, would be nice to read your analysis/opinion on it.

    Keep up the good work.

  35. Scarbs I would like to say that as a big fan of f1 and a dedicated maclaren fan I just want thank you for your dedication to us fans who cannot afford the expensive information that you have made free for us and just want to thank for your time and will be making a donation shortly as soon as I can.

  36. I just want to say that I am extremely impressed by your coverage of such technical details, but also by the patience and appreciate exuded by the fans of this blog. I have been a little let down when I check (almost daily) for a new article, so when I read this post I wasn’t sure what to expect in the comments section. This being the internet, I prepared for the worst, was was ready to lose just a little more faith in humanity, instead I found a community of courteous individuals going out of their way to say “thank you for all of the hard work you do”.

    So let me conclude by saying, first and foremost, thank you Craig for the excellent work you do, you’re the reason we’re all here. The fact that you’re able to attract such a great audience speaks volumes about your abilities. And I want to follow up by saying thank you to my fellow ScarbsF1 fans for giving me a little bit of hope for the human race. =)

  37. Scarbs,

    We, the Formula One Fans community, thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding F1 tech. These are the fine intricate details that make us interested in the sport we all love. We appreciate the help you’re give us, as well as the insights in the paddock.

    We are looking forward to the upcoming launch analyses, and everything that builds up the 2012 season. McLaren car looks interesting, as well as the RB8 and the E20. Ferrari hopefully can resurrect the Minardi tech of yesteryear.

    All eight cylinders to you Scarbs!

  38. Thanks for posting your update. Most rational people will understand your situation; you have to make a living if you want to keep eating! Keep up the great work and take every job you can get from the the print media.

  39. could to try to negotiate a fan blog discount code for us to subscribe to the autosport plus section….. 50% discount – that would be a result 🙂

  40. Thanks for the update Scarbs. I’ve been very happy to see your work appearing on once again as I feel it was a great loss to that site when they chose not to continue with your services. It’s great that you’re getting a return and still working on this free site for all of us fans too.

  41. Any chance of pointing us to links of articles you’ve written in other publications? I just subscribed to Autosport and it is tough to find what you’ve written!

  42. If you should ever decide to make journalism/technical illustration your day job, you have talent on your side and a lot of support out from us.

  43. As an existing subscriber to Autosport ‘Plus’ I can heartily recommend it for all the F1 insight and commentary you could ever want, and now with Scarbs’ analysis as well it’s really worth the money. You were the missing piece from their armoury, Mr Scarborough, and I’m glad they realised it!

    I should point out that his is from someone who never pays for anything on the internet, as a general rule.

  44. I think it’s kind of crappy how easily you’ve forgotten your long time readers. It’s great that you’ve managed to find some paid work out of this but if not for us loyal readers whom have followed you from the start and spread your name across forums and by word of mouth then you would not be in a position to make money from this.
    So yep, I feel a bit aggrieved you’ve jilted us so easily……

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