Tech Files F1 : Technical side of F1

Tech Files F1 : Technical side of F1.

I am collaborating with Greek F1 site,  We are starting a series of features, that aim to explain F1 tech from the basics through to the detail of every system on the car;  Aero, Mechanical, Safety and Driver Equipment. 

We start with a simple view of the facts and figures and what we can see from the outside. Next we peel off the bodywork and explain some of the major mechanical parts.

For English click here :,Technical_side_of_F1.html

Για Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ :,Technical_side_of_F1.html

12 thoughts on “Tech Files F1 : Technical side of F1

  1. Great article!

    I’m not even sure this is a secondary purpose. If it’s classed as part of the drag reduction system then it’s doing exactly what it says on the tin, reducing drag. They can’t say it’s purpose is to alter the balance of the car because all of the teams DRS inherently do that.

  2. I’m surprised at the statement claiming that the diffuser produces as much down-force as both the front and rear wings added together. I have no hard data to refute your statement but I wonder if you can point me to a reference which supports your assertion?

  3. Just to tip you off, get in touch with those guys to make sure the article has no gramatical errors as there are a few moments where the wrong word is used or no word at all. Apart from the niggle, this work is top rate and educating us F1 fans…brilliant!

  4. Like the comment about the ‘slightly modified F1 car reaching 400km/h’. If you are referring to the BAR Bonneville car, I worked on it and it was more than slightly modified! Special engine, special gbx, rear rudder, special side pods…

    Love your work, keep it up!

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