First sight: Ferrari Revised Mugello Exhaust

Picture Via Russell Batchelor

On Day3 of today’s Mugello test, Ferrari appeared with a major update to their sidepod\exhaust configuration.  Although at this stage it’s not clear if this set up is Ferraris definitive exhaust solution going forwards, or merely another interim set up.

What’s clear is Ferrari continue to follow their own path for exhaust and cooling flow.  With the main cooling outlets being via chimneys exiting from the flank of the sidepod, a solution popularly termed the “Acer ducts”, due to the presence of the sponsor’s logo on the launch spec bodywork.  With the launch car the exhaust exited through the rear exit of the ducts, and latterly the exhaust was moved to prevent overheating rear tyres and the duct cut away to allow more inboard location of the exhausts tailpipe.

Now the “Acer” ducts are brought more inwards and the exhaust exits over the top of the duct, periscope style.  This suggests the exhaust is not being aimed at the floor at all, simply along the centre of the top bodywork towards the beam wing and the winglet mounted atop it.  This would be less effective at creating downforce, but would be less sensitive to throttle position and have less of an effect on the rear tyre temperatures.

The floor and top body mouldings appear to new and quite large sections.  This also suggests that the bodywork is going to change. Often with interim bodywork the panels are smaller to allow different shaped sections to be added.  However the black heat shield panel around the exhaust is removable and may allow a switch to a McLaren style open-topped duct exit.

The continued presence of the vortex generator near the mirrors suggests some downwash effect is still being created, although the current spec is not really making use of it.

I will update this post as the test develops

21 thoughts on “First sight: Ferrari Revised Mugello Exhaust

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  2. Even though it maybe a interim version I would love to hear your optimistic opinion on the amount of time they will gain…..Gary Anderson was saying about 2-3 tenths……i would like to hear about 5-7 tenths:-)……love u r blog.

  3. What about the “gills” cutout on the central body work behind the exhaust? The picture might have me fooled, but they look to be intakes, not outlets. Maybe Ferrari are directing the exhaust inwards through there?

  4. Newey laid all this out with the RB5 in how to get down force from the rear end under these limitations. As much as you can still heap praise on Newey, this has to go down as something different heaped on Ferrari. They still could not get it after all these years.

    • Agreed. Even after this major update it doesn’t look like an ideal solution. Fernando’s times do seem to show that he has more confidence in the car though, which, if they were very throttle sensitive, may have been the problem all along. And if this update addressed his confidence then maybe the car wasn’t that bad to begin with.

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  6. I am very interested actually to find out what that box on the centre of the diffuser is. It’s pretty hard to miss

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  8. Craig, may I have your opinion on possible radiator placement change? I’d rather think no …
    And slightly off-topic, but perhaps related – what do you think is the prime reason for Ferrari lack of top-speed – aero or internal components stuff like cooling flow concepts, etc?

  9. Maybe they should use the classice exhaust like Lotus and Merc… and focus their resources on other things that will give big gains, that is what they need now.
    Look at Lotus maybe overall the best car so far, its current drivers mess up all the time otherwise they would lead the championship. With the best drivers they would be unbeatable so far into the season.

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