8 thoughts on “Technical Video: BMW-Sauber split in half

  1. An amazing insight into the inner workings of an F1 cars – thanks for highlighting it! It just needs to lost 20 times longer…

  2. Craig,after this video you could say:OK my job here is done 🙂
    Because its a video so explicit in the works of a F1 machine,that you can beat these!

  3. Never posted on your site before, but felt i had to, just to say thank you so much for sharing that excellent video.

  4. That Sauber F1 cut away is fantastic. One half should tour auto shows and the other half should tour F1 races. You can do too much of this. What about a full size lithograph poster?

  5. I wish there was an extremely high resolution image available – one with Sergio and one without – for backgrounds etc.

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