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All articles in this Blog are the Copyright of Craig Scarborough. Therefore all illustrations and writing, unless otherwise credited are my own work and not for reproduction.

This blog seeks to educate fans interested in the technology of F1 and to showcase my work. As I have eventual aim to make a full time living from covering this sport.

Although I do this blog and tweets as a free service, this blog isn’t a free resource for commercial publications. You must not cut&paste text or to grab my illustrations to reproduce them in your Magazine or Website without permission, credit or payment. It certainly isn’t to be reproduced without first contacting myself.

Two recent examples

Seven of my drawings printed a Belgian\French F1 magazine.

The text of an article Cut&Pasted into a F1 E-magazine

In both cases, these are commercial publications, which did not contact me at any point, did not credit my name or blog as the source and have not paid me for the use of my material. I am in contact with both these publications to rectify the situation.

I will blog the full details of anyone infringing my copyright. You have been warned.

Any followers of ScarbsF1, who see my work unannounced in print or web, please advise me.

Thanks Scarbs

25 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Hello, I am a PhD student in Aerodynamics at Purdue, I was wondering if I could use your drawing for the new 2012 vent location in a talk I am giving on F1 aerodynamics as an educational endeavor. I will of course give you credit and reference your blog. If not, please let me know and I will change the figure for something else.

    Thank you,

  2. Hello Craig, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now, and I really love it.
    I just started an F1 facebook page, to make comments of F1 from my “fan” point of view.
    I put some of your pics on it, and your pictures text with the link to your article. Not intending to make it my own, actually just want to get people who find’s them as interesting as I do, to come and get the full article from your site. I think is very educational for the fan that wants to go a bit more into all things F1.
    I hope this will be ok with you since I only plan to give them a small overview of the info they can find here, imagine in a facebook page just a few lines can be posted, and I get the link for your article on every single pic and just insert the link to your article as a post on my page.

    Again, this is a great blog, and I check it almost every day.


    • Hello Craig, I was checking at your site, and I haven’t seen a response to my post, but I also notice I didn’t put my site on it.

      My facebook page is F1 My Way you will see is just a fan page expressing my point of view on F1.

      Let me know.

  3. Sir, I have recently been studying F1 and have looked at the History of F1 and Teams and Drivers but would now like to start to study the Technology of F1. . I have followed you on twitter for some time and been on your site and noticed the copyright. I wanted to download your drawings and am not sure if that is allowed and do not wish to so without your permission. Can you tell me if this is permissible? @F1Karla

  4. Hi Scarbs
    I was wondering if you knew of somewhere on the internet where i can get some blueprints/drawings of the Williams FW18? Ive decided after long deliberation that its my favourite F1 car ever and im going to make a 3D model of it, as thats what i do. Ive googled and googled without any success.
    Many thanks

    I follow you on twitter. Keep up the good work!

    • It looks like you’ve chosen the one car that wasn’t modelled by Tamiya or the other kit manufacturers. This would have provided accurately drawn elevations as a basis for your 3D car. I dont have anything in my archive on that car, so sorry I can’t help.

      • Thanks for your help craig, thats a shame. Ive just finished reading Damon Hills championship year again and i kind of came to the conclusion that i loved the FW18 from every angle, even the FW17 was a looker for me. I did actually find a load of blueprints on but unfortunately not the FW18. But thanks once again! Question: How do all of this years silly nosed cars sit with you? I have to say i find them very off putting!

  5. Hi Craig,
    I’m a Mechanical Engineering student at Bath and avid F1 fanatic. My tutor recently asked me to put together a little presentation explaining the rule changes for 2012 (no doubt because he doesn’t have enough time to look it up himself as he is a busy man) and quite simply nothing comes close to the quality of your work. I would very much appreciate if I could use your illustration of the dropped nose in my presentation. You and will be fully credited and Your blog referenced of course.
    I would also like to take this chance and congratulate you on your new job with Autosport and thank you for all the time and effort you spent in the past years bringing free knowledge to us F1 fans. Your work is much appreciated.

    Thank You,

  6. Hi Craig,

    been following you on twitter and visits your blog regularly. I also watched you in TFL with Peter and you had mentioned that you have a collaboration with Dimi Papadopulouos on spreading F1 technicalities or Like a F1 101 for the people of Greece. I visited the site and I love the first of your series.

    I like to put up a site also dedicated to F1 for the Philippines and would like to have your technical
    writings also placed in the site I am planning. Would this be ok with you? The site will be free just to stir F1 lovers here in the Philippines.


  7. Hi Craig
    I recently started a Formula 1 website and was wondering if I can use your posts on my website? I Will not claim the work to be mine and will credit you and the webpage source.
    Thanks Josh

  8. Hello Scarbs,

    Same as before but a bit different!
    I’m building up with a collegue a website dedicated to automotive engineering. This is a free website. We have a part dedicated to race engineering and that is true that your website is amaizing about it. So we would like to know if, in a way or another we could publish your posts in our website (It will be online in august). Tell me you conditions!


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