Red Bull: Jerez developments

Red Bull: Revised front wing endplates, with a slotted side and new cascades

Following their evolutionary theme for the RB6, last week their car appeared with a logical development to the RB5 front wing.  As with much of the aero on the Newey designed car, the approach is unique.  Red Bull have a wing highly integrated into the endplates, with the flap and two slots hard to distinguish from the endplate and main plane.  

One feature common to many cars is the Brawn style upright-less endplate, Red bull have not followed this path and the endplate still features a large upstand along its upper edge.  The upright-less design directs more flow low around the wheel, to replicate this Newey has followed some other teams and vented the side of the endplate to accelerate the flow inside the endplate, creating the more powerful flow around the front tyre. 

Allied to the vented endplate the new front wing also sports revised cascades, still split into two span-wise sections,.  But the two sections are now more aggressive and flanked by endplates.

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