HRT Dallara Cosworth: First impressions

From what was the Campos Meta team the Hispania Racing team has emerged.  Despite the name and ownership changes the one consistent factor through the winter has been the car. Designed and built by Dallara and incorporating the Cosworth engine and Xtrac gearbox.

Few pictures have emerged of the car from the low key launch today.  However we can see some basic design details on the car.  Sporting a strong likeness to the Dallara IRL car with its low nose and rounded airbox inlet.  Indeed the car has a resemblance to the Virgin VR01 F1 car, sharing basic features such as the “V” nose, tall sidepod fins and undercut roll structure.

Starting at the front the Red Bull-Like “V” nose is mated to a low placed nose cone, thus creating the prominent bulges on top of the chassis.  This allows the lower wishbone mounts to meet under the raised nose.  While the steering track rods are inline with the upper wishbone (most other teams place these lower) below it the front wing is a straightforward three element affair with wide cascades above the main wing and simple endplates.  It’s front brake ducts appear unusually large and are mated to a fairing leading towards the front perimeter of the tyre.

Sidepods follow the common fashion being quite wide to accommodate the fuel tank and radiators and undercut at their leading edge.  At the rear the sidepods do not fall away as radically as the McLaren or Virgin and form a neat rounded coke bottle shape with the exhausts exiting at the very rear just before the rear wishbone.  Allied to the sidepods are the tall pod fins, which also mount the mirrors.  Bargeboards are relatively large and adopt a stepped top profile.

Again contemporary design it taken with the roll structures formed by an undercut inlet  supported by a pair of pylons, Dallara have adopted a circular inlet that forms a near horizontal tube as it passes back over the fuel tank to the cosworth engine.  No fin has yet been added to the engine cover.

Being one of the first of the new teams to start their 2010 development, Dallara lead the packaging of the Xtrac gearbox, setting the mounting points for the rear suspension with its exposed torsion bars.  Behind the gearbox the crash structure splits the rear beam wing, thus HRT along with Ferrari are one of the few teams not to use a fully exposed beam wing. We can see a covered up diffuser which appears to exploit a double design, but like the rest of the aerodynamic details appears relatively simple.

14 thoughts on “HRT Dallara Cosworth: First impressions

  1. The nose looks roughly similar to that of the nose of the IndyCar chassis that Dallara make. Could this possibly be an unusual design the other teams haven’t thought of going by the success of this company at “lesser” formulae?

    • I partly agree, the IRL car shares a similar concept in keeping the general nose arrangement low. Virgin followed this layout apparently simultaneously for 2010. Red Bull who started the V nose idea (creating the bulges atop the nose) prefer to keep the nose tip high. I doubt there’s alot to choose between the RBR and HRT designs. I look forward to see the details of the Dallara to see if its upto F1 standard or production racecar standard as they’re used too.

    • Probably done to get logo “Bridgestone” the right way round and at the top of both the tyres towards the press pack
      You watch….until Mclaren MP4-23 he makes equal

      That is just a car built for press show, real cars are enroute at Barhein.

  2. scarbs

    what do you make of the brake ducts. i have never seen anyone run that in f1. it looks like its an indy copy also.

    • No, the ducts are fairly typical of current F1, Very similar to Brawns 2009 set up. Admittedly the inlet scoops are very large, but the forward reaching fairing and winglet are quite common.
      I read that this is a third chassis, which I can believe as its clearly a show car (blocked off sidepods and exhausts are tell tale), the other two chassis are headign to Bahrain. Plus the duct scoops appear to be made in a rapid prototype material (like windform), so these may only be experimental parts stuck on to make a complete car for the launch.

  3. Scarbs, would I be correct in thinking that bargeboards were outruled last year? How come the cars all seem to feature them again? What rule did they bypass?

    • Bargeboards were not explicitly banned, the rules demanded no bodywork in certain areas. However this left enough room for a limited number and size of bargeboards. Around the front of the sidepods and high up under the nose.

  4. Are Dallara continuing the development of the car for the season then, or are HRT taking it over themselves? I thought there was a rule about customer – cars?

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