Competition: ‘Spot the Brake Duct’ – (now closed)

and the winner is Mike Ethier of Winnipeg, Canada. Well done Mike (you need to reply to my emails) and the 300+ of you who correctly guessed the answers. The correct answers are below

Haynes Publishing have very kindly donated ScarbsF1 a copy of their ‘Red Bull Racing F1 Car workshop Manual’ as a prize.  I’ve reviewed the Haynes Red Bull Manual here.  As this is a technical blog and the RB6 manual is a technical  book, I’ve devised a typically technical competition ‘Spot the Brake Duct’.

It’s often said F1 cars are hard to tell apart from each other.  I don’t believe this is true and especially this year  each car is immediately identifiable from its rivals by several major features.  In fact I am able to recognise each car purely by the design of its front brake ducts!  So at my recent trip to the British GP at Silverstone, I took photos of the top five teams brake ducts.  If you can detect which of these brake ducts belong to which team, you will be entered into the draw to win the Haynes Red Bull book.

All you have to do is workout which of pictures 1 to 5 below, relate the to the following teams.  Then put the answers on an Email with the subject ‘Haynes Red Bull’, by the end of Sunday 24th July.  I will then pick a winner at random from the correct entries and announce it on Monday 25th July.


Red Bull – Picture5

Ferrari – Picture1

McLaren – Picture3

Renault – Picture2

Mercedes – Picture4


Picture 1 – Ferrari

Picture 2 – Renault

Picture 3  – McLaren

Picture 4 – Mercedes

Picture 5 Red Bull

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