Ban on Outboard Mirrors – Red Bulls prototype mirror

Red Bull - Rapid protoyped mirror (Copyright:

With the forthcoming ban on outboard mirrors, teams are using the chance to have the driver and car together to size up their new solution.  Here we can see Red Bull have made up a Stereo Lithographed – Rapid Prototype mirror.  It’s been taped to the cockpit so the drivers can judge its position, ready for the monocoque modification and final production mirror housing to be ready for the Spanish GP.

4 thoughts on “Ban on Outboard Mirrors – Red Bulls prototype mirror

  1. Not that it’s very relevant I guess but are you sure its SLA? It looks more like SLS using the Windform material (carbon/PA mixed powder).

    • I’m sure the teams have been given dispensation to add changes to the tub to fit mirrors. I’m sure the FIA think this will only be a threaded insert or small hole. But as with starter motor holes, teams might want to make a fist sized hole and make the mirror the inlet for an f-duct and use the drivers arm the valve…

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