2011 Winter Launch and Test Schedule

Team Engine Car Date Location
Red Bull Renault RB7 Feb 1st  Valencia
Ferrari Ferrari F150 Jan 28th Maranello 
McLaren Mercedes MP4-26  Feb 4th Berlin 
Mercedes Mercedes W02  Feb 1st Valencia 
Renault Renault R31 Monday 31st Jan (12.00 CET) Valencia 
Williams Cosworth FW33  Feb 1st Valencia 
Force India Mercedes VJM04  Not until Jerez test  
Sauber Ferrari C30 Monday 31st Jan (11.15 CET) Valencia
Scuderia Toro Rosso Ferrari STR6 Tuesday 1st Feb Valencia
Team Lotus Renault TL11  Monday 31st Jan (06.00 CET) Online 
Hispania Racing Team  Cosworth  F111  Current car in Valencia & interim car at Jerez & F111 in Bahrain  
Virgin Racing Cosworth MVR02 Feb 7th London  
Valencia February 1-3    Debut: Ferrari, Red bull, Renault, Mercedes, Sauber, Toro Rosso, Williams  
Jerez February 10-13    Debut: McLaren, Force India, Virgin  
Barcelona  February 18-21      
Bahrain  March 3-6      

12 thoughts on “2011 Winter Launch and Test Schedule

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  3. According to their Twitter feed the 2011 car from Team Lotus will be typed TL11. It makes some sense to drop the T-series usage, since that typing was historically used for both racing and production cars by Lotus….

  4. And according to their official website the 2011 car from Scuderia Ferrari will be typed the F150. It makes some sense since that typing has historically been used by Ford on its mainline pickup truck – wait, what?

  5. the reason mclaren are launching in berlin is because of Vodafone. Its something to do with their Vodafone Germany launch and they requested that mclaren launch in berlin.

  6. I wonder why Mclaren are launching on the 4th rather than the 8th or 9th. You would have thought that missing the test to gain a few days extra development time they would launch as late as possible.

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