Video: ‘The Flying Lap’ ScarbsF1 discuss Canadian GP & Red Bulls Diffuser

I joined Peter Windsor on the, to discuss the upcoming Canadian GP and Red Bulls diffuser developments in Monaco (see also

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3 thoughts on “Video: ‘The Flying Lap’ ScarbsF1 discuss Canadian GP & Red Bulls Diffuser

    • Yes the second video has been posted and I will appear on the regular show next week, assuming BT have fixed Peter Windsors fibre broadband connection.

  1. Excellent blog Mr.Scarborough, I been searching to find a video of Vettel or Weber that had a G-force meter in the back ground. It seems that the flex front wing may move when the car is under high g-loads. Kind of using ballast as a leverage generator to rise and lower the suspension and flex wings.3 to 5 Gs can take a small amount of weight and turn it into a car jacks worth of power.

    Plus last year the new wing snapped off it mounts, lots of energy there. A inertia system would make the most sense giving quick angle changes on the track but still extremely strong for static testing. Even if the system was rod activated all the way back to the tray.

    The pictures of the pull rod system on the rb7 hides a lot but gives a great source for the imagination. It would make sense to run a ballast changing suspension down low in the rear of the car.

    Fantastic blog and your slot on Mr. Windsors show awesome,but being American means I have to replay your side part because a lot of info comes out real fast.

    Thanks for your effort.

    Paul Belles

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