Renault: New Front wing

Aileron Renault on Twitpic
A lucky visitor to the Bahrain GP snapped this picture of the new Renault front wing, as seen briefly in Barcelona testing. With its wide curvy cascades and uprightless endplates, this is Renaults most contemporary wing since the new aero regulations came in.

2 thoughts on “Renault: New Front wing

  1. That wing was already tested in Barcelona.

    The end plate design is amazing in its complexity! Its so hard to distinguish which parts support the winglets!

    Also it seems Kubica will be running this wing, while Petrov may only have access to the older-spec.

    see here..

    (#11 on the front 2 new wings, #12 on the old-spec behind)

    • as I said “as seen briefly in Barcelona testing” I have a break down of a similar wing in my season preview at, you ‘ll see how it goes together there…

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