Toro Rosso: Radiator layout

Toro Rosso went aggressive with the design of the STR-06, by adopting a double floor sidepod design. Although the team refer to it as a deep undercut sidepod, the effect is very much aimed at removing the blockage of the sidepods from the flow passing low along the floor towards the diffuser. We have previously described the external design of the sidepod ( We can now see the radiator layout required to make this packaging work. Surprisingly the radiator layout is quite conventional with good sized coolers fitted within the smaller sidepod envelope.

Firstly we can see the sidepod is raised above the floor, the yellow areas is free for airflow to pass under the sidepod shape and reach the diffuser. Ex-BMW Sauber head of Aero Willem Toet pointed out that this design creates a large area of exposed floor surface for the air to pass over, which might create problems with increasing boundary layer and hence drag. Potentially the ducted exhaust solution speeds up the slowing airflow over the latter part of the floor before reaching the diffuser.

Within the sidepod the radiators are made up of several cores, each serving different cooling needs for engine oil, engine water and KERS water cooling. Hot water exits the engine from the cylinder heads and passes to the radiator (red) and then the core cools the liquid before passing back to the water pump and lower front of the engine. It’s interesting to note the water pipes exit the engine as a single hose, but spit to feed the radiator core in two places to ensure an even distribution of coolant across the relatively large cooler.

A small water cooler also serves to cool the battery pack for the KERS.

Copyright: Liubomir Asenov/ClubS1

In this right-hand sidepod we can see the radiator follow a slightly different construction as the oil cooler is also place din this sidepod.

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